Insulin is very important for diabetic individuals as it helps stabilize the level of glucose in the blood


Learn about insulin storage and how to store insulin.How you store your insulin can affect how well it works.
Learn the best storage tips to keep your insulin working for you


Research on the relationship between coffee and diabetes in diabetic individuals have given contradictory results, and whether it’s reasonable for a diabetic individual to keep on drinking coffee, or switching to decaffeinated coffee


This insulin case travel organizer is the nicest diabetic travel bags on the market and it can keep your supplies


Before buying the best blood glucose meter,you must not consider the price as the only criteria as in a few cases you can get a free meter,because the company makes its profits on the test strips


The High-speed precise motion of the accu chek multiclix lancets with its active needle retraction thus makes it least painful for any skin type.


There is actually no diabetes cure but diabetes is a disease that is very treatable and controllable provided you have a strong will power to reverse this dreadful disease.


One of the major factors that create blood sugar spikes for individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes is eating certain foods or an excess amount of food.


Glucagon for diabetes can be beneficial. Individual who have been diagnosed with diabetes, both type 2 and type 1, normally have a problem with high levels of blood glucose.


The connection between diabetes and heart disease is a common, most of the time misunderstood and worse yet, poorly treated disorder . Many people with diabetes think that amputation and blindness are their biggest threats

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